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Sun's JRL and source: taints or not?

From: David Holmes
Subject: Sun's JRL and source: taints or not?
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 10:21:05 +1000

According to Sun, accepting their Java research license
( and seeing their source code does not "taint" you
from working on other open-source implementations of the JDK specifications.

18. Does the JRL prevent you from being able to create an independent
implementation of J2SE?

The JRL is not a tainting license, and includes an express "residual
knowledge" clause. Under the JRL, merely looking at Sun's code does not
prevent you from being able to create your own independent implementation of
J2SE, and in any event, you can terminate the JRL at any time for any
reason. So, yes, you can look at Sun source code and then later on go and
work on an open-source J2SE implementation.

The relevant license clause is:

B.  Residual Rights.  You may use any information in
intangible form that you remember after accessing the
Technology, except when such use violates Sun's copyrights
or patent rights.

What's the view on this from the Classpath/FSF/GNU side?

David Holmes

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