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New member - questions about a new compiler

From: Thomas Laguzzi
Subject: New member - questions about a new compiler
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 23:30:07 +0200

Hello ClassPath Users & Developers,

I'm writing a small Java Compiler for my first-level degree at
University, and while I was looking for a "ready" java class library I
found the great "ClassPath Project" at

The compiler will parse "anything" up to java 1.5 but will only
compile simple things. Anyway I need a sort of Classpath and I don't
have the time to write one.

The question is : is there any document / guide / FAQ about
integrating the ClassPath into a custom JVM / compiler?
I only need the "basic" packages, like java.lang, java.util ,

Specially, I need to know what kind of JVM functionalities are
strictly "required" and those that are "optional" (always for base
The compiler will output native code so the virtual machine will be a
"fake" virtual machine with few runtime services.

Thanks in advance for answering and sorry for my English :) (I'm from
I'll give more details if needed!

Good bye
Thomas "QbProg" Laguzzi

I migliori saluti,                 Scrivi a:
 QbProg                         address@hidden

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