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Re: IIOP tools

From: Sven de Marothy
Subject: Re: IIOP tools
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 16:12:03 +0200

Hi Archit,

>GNU Classpath currently has almost no support for IIOP. I'm wondering 
>what the interest level is in expanding GNU classpath support for
>I'm not sure what runtime classes are needed for IIOP, but I think 
>JacORB [1] provides most of what is needed.

Right, but not the interfaces and the like. Unfortunately we can't use
the OMG code, due to licensing reasons.

Currently Audrius Meskauskas (address@hidden) has been working on
this, and I'm sure he and we'd be glad for any help. We do need tools.
We aim to have the whole stack.

A little information is on:



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