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rmic contribution

From: Archit Shah
Subject: rmic contribution
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 09:52:28 -0400
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A few months ago, I posted to this list (at [1]) about my work on a faster RMI compiler. I modified Classpath's RMI compiler to directly generate bytecode using Objectweb's ASM. This RMI compiler is set to become the default used in JOnAS. Since my last posting, I've added a set of JUnit tests for RMI stub compilation. All of the code is available (ViewCVS [2], SVN [3]). Directly generating bytecode provides about a factor of 2 improvement in the speed of RMI compilation. This speed is important to developers using JOnAS.

I would like to see this code integrated into Classpath and I'm happy to provide a patch that does this in the appropriate manner. The most direct option would be to replace the current RMI compiler. Another option would be to integrate my modified RMI compiler in parallel to the current one, and do something similar to javap:


  public final static Javap getInstance() throws ClassNotFoundException
    String impl = "";
    String userImpl = System.getProperty(JAVAP_IMPL);
    if (userImpl != null)
      impl = userImpl;
    Class implClass = Class.forName(impl);

Also, advice on what to do with the tests is appreciated. I would like to see them go somewhere useful. They are vanilla JUnit, relying only on a PATH that maps the rmic command to the code that is to be tested.

 -- Archit




3. svn://

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