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Re: Calling our experts on character encoding.

From: Sven de Marothy
Subject: Re: Calling our experts on character encoding.
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 18:42:09 +0200

Hi Audrius,

> The class, responsible for all this functionality in Classpath, is
> gnu.CORBA.GIOP.CharSets_OSF.

Looks good.

> CharSets_OSF tries to detect the available encodings automatically,
> but the internal hashtables must contain the "Registered Value" code
> of the available encoding. I have included the codes I was able to
> find, but the current list may be not complete. If some currently
> supported encodings are not listed, please add them into that class,
> specifying the name and the matching "Registered Value" .

There's a full list of all charsets the JDK supports here:

So we shouldn't need mappings for more charsets than that.


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