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GNU Classpath/gcj/kaffe/java-gnome meetings

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: GNU Classpath/gcj/kaffe/java-gnome meetings
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 22:43:36 +0200

Hi all,

We seem to be everywhere these days. If you want to meet face-to-face
with some of the hackers the following list is for you:

Guadec 29 - 31 May, Stuttgart - Germany
Ben Konrath and Andrew Overholt
The Eclipse IDE and you

Andrew Cowie and Ben Konrath
Eclipse, Java-GNOME, and GCJ

6th International Free Software Forum 
June 1-4, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil

Dalibor Topic, Tom Tromey, Mark Wielaard and others.

LinuxTag 22 - 25 June, Karlsruhe - Germany
Robert Schuster

GNU Classpath (in German)

Andrew Haley

GCJ and Classpath: A Free Implementation of the Java programming
language (in English)

OSCON 1 - 5 August, Portland, Oregon - USA

Tom Tromey
The State of Free JVMs

If you know of other conferences to meet up with other GNU Classpath
hackers please post to the list.



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