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CORBA tests: Can we use the former

From: Meskauskas Audrius
Subject: CORBA tests: Can we use the former
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 17:21:37 +0200


The SourceForge contains a large project, called corba-cost
( There are no releases,
no homepage, only one developer, but the CVS contains a large
amount of code.

The code looks like CORBA tests, I think, written by the different
commercial groups. The most of the files contain no copyrigth
headersl. The CVS tree contais several text files with the
widely known texts of the GPL and LGPL.

These tests are very variable, based on different platforms, some just print
something, some use JUnit, others run as an independent programs, but I
think that at least some part of them can be adapted and moved into Mauve.

In README the maintainer, Duncan Grisby, writes:

CORBA Open Source Testing

This source tree contains several test suites for CORBA
implementations in C++ and Java. The code originally came from the
OMG's CORBA Open Source Testing project, which lived at That site no longer exists.

All the contributing companies agreed to release their tests under the
terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, available in the file

Should be believe? Before adapting tests and moving them into
Mauve, I would like to ask for the list opinion. The
is really dead, but maybe somebody know details about that project
or otherwise can tell me if the use of that strange thing could posess
any danger to the project.


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