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GNU Classpath CORBA obtains the official Vendor Minor Code Id: 0x47430 (

From: Meskauskas Audrius
Subject: GNU Classpath CORBA obtains the official Vendor Minor Code Id: 0x47430 ("GC").
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 09:02:56 +0200
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Andrew Watson , Vice President and Technical Director of the Object Management Group, has officially assigned us 20 bit Vendor Minor Code Id: 0x47430 ("GC"). We must use this Id to mark remote Classpath - specific system exceptions that other applications may receive from our CORBA implementation, while working together. The Id provides namespace for 4096 possible exceptions. Until now, we used the code 0x00000 ("experimental - anybody can use without registration").

Obtaining the VMCID means that GNU Classpath now is a recogniseable type of node in the highly interoperable CORBA world. Any CORBA server or client can recognise our exception even if it was thrown from the other end of the world and the platform of the remote corresponent was initially unknown. This should increase the possibility for us to get a bug report.

The Vice President also requested from us a web page URL where we should describe that our exception codes mean and, if we want, provide other information, how to interoperate with our ORB. The simpliest solution is to create it in Classpath Wiki - we must just be sure that the page will stay available in the future. This URL will be included into the Vendor Tag List, together with our VMCID.

The vendor tag list (old):
The documentation about the VMCID:

I think, we may list this event in the Classpath news.


Here's the entry I've created for you in the CORBA tags file:


Holder:       GNU Classpath project
Contact:      Audrius Meskauskas
Email:        <address@hidden>
Last update:  29th September 2005
Status:       Current

  1 VMCID           0x47430xxx               ("GC\x00\x00" - "GC\x0f\xff")


The URL field in the entry is optional - the intention is to put in the URL
of a page designed to help programmers debugging interoperation with your
ORB. Here are some examples:

If you have a page like this I would be happy to put it in the allocation


Andrew Watson                              Tel:     +44 1223 510398
Vice President & Technical Director,       Email:   address@hidden
Object Management Group          

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