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example programs

From: theUser BL
Subject: example programs
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 12:12:49 +0000


I think, that the example program "" is incomplete:*checkout*/classpath/classpath/examples/gnu/classpath/examples/swing/

For example, there are not icons included.
I have found a demo in a book, which you can find at:
(unzip it, and start "SwingExample")

With Java5 and Java6 it looks like:

An other point is, that I think, that it would be nice, if all example-programs in becomes a demo-startplace.
I have created one at:
The source code is included. But it is tinkered by using snippets and code-examples from other programs. So the copyright of this program and the program in is unclear.

Be sure, that if your JVM is not called "java" to create a symlink in the same directory where the JVM is.
For example
"ln -s $HOME/jamvm/bin/jamvm $HOME/jamvm/bin/java"
java and jamvm must be in the same directory in $JAVA_HOME/bin

Then you can try examples.jar by
"java -jar examples.jar"

I think, that somethink like this, would make it easyer to start the demo programs.
It is easyer then input for every demo program
"java gnu.classpath.examples...."

An other point is about the JamVM:
I think, the property of java.vendor.url is wrong.
There stand "";
But this side don't exists.
There existing only ""; and


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