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"release meeting" minutes

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: "release meeting" minutes
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 19:36:19 +0200

Hi all,

The "release meeting" on irc last Wednesday wasn't very formal. And it
seemed most people agreed on what the do for 0.19. Here is the summary:

- We are aiming for Nov 2 (Wednesday in two weeks).
  But can be anywhere in that week if issues show up.

- There are no know big bad bugs at the moment that could prevent a
  release. But please keep your eyes open (and don't introduce them just
  before the release!)
  - We should solve the configure/build issue with freetype2 though.
    (Christian has a patch.)
  - Please go over "All Open Bugs" on and see what you can
    fix before Nov 2.

- Both gcj and kaffe want to do another import of CVS/0.19 soon. Andreas
  had some suggestions for extra configure options. Mark was afraid it
  was essentially a generic --enable-random-flag-for-gcj-workaround. Tom
  Tromey will try to write up a list of what extra configure options are
  needed for libgcj. (And now Guilhem has actually sent some patches for
  configure changes needed for kaffe to the classpath-patches list.)

- What about Graphics2D (move to cairo 1.0/gtk+2.8)? imageio? qt4-peers?
  For 0.19 we are still on  gtk+ 2.4/6 for the gtk+ awt peers.
  We can revamp and upgrade to gtk+2.8.x, cairo 1.0.x after 0.19.
  Neither Tom Fitzsimmons nor Sven de Marothy were available to give an
  update on the imageio/qt4 status. We probably just "ship" with what we
  have. Unless one of them yells and shouts that they want something
  specific in before 0.19.
  - That means, sorry to those wanting "core graphics" upgrades for
    0.19, that is just too big a thing for the last 2 weeks.
    (Soon after though we will hopefully start overhauling some of it.)

- We will try to get zero mauve regressions (looks like we are doing
  well). See
  Tom Tromey wrote a little explanation (already sent to the classpath
  mailinglist) of this list, the regression tester and the irc cpbot to
  help us track down any regressions introduced.

- Which applications to test? Before we push out 0.19 we want to smoke
  test some applications to make sure it is actually usable. Please
  suggest things that should really just work out of the box (because
  they did with 0.18). And write "Smoke Test Scripts", for example:
    - download this form here,
    - build it as follows,
    - start it by running that,
    - you should now see X,
    - click here on Y,
    - you should now see Z.
  (Anything that doesn't involve thinking and is easily checked for
  - There is
  this should be split into applications that "should mostly
  work" (JUnit, foxhunt, jtetris, etc), "doesn't really work now, this
  is what is missing" and "no idea why this doesn't work/completely

- Please add things you are proud of or that are just cool to the NEWS



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