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Re: New GNU Classpath developers Nicolas and Christian

From: Nicolas Geoffray
Subject: Re: New GNU Classpath developers Nicolas and Christian
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:45:03 +0200
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Hi Mark, hi all

Thank you for your welcome messages.
To say a little more about me, I'm the maintainer of a java virtual
machine called JnJVM using gnu classpath as its core classes.
The vm has originally been developped by Gael Thomas. You can
get more informations on his home page

It's more a personal page, but i'm optimistic one day we'll have
something more professional.


Mark Wielaard wrote:

Hi all,

Now that we are growing so fast it is probably a good idea to introduce
new developers "officially" on the list so everybody knows when the GNU
Classpath family gains a new member. Everybody with CVS write access is
of course also listed on our savannah page:

Nicolas Geoffray has been helping us out with RMI, Serialization and
Classloader issues. Christian (twisti) Thalinger has been helping and
fixing issues so the Cacao plus GNU Classpath combination truly rocks
(especially on non-x86 platforms).

Note that you don't have to apply for CVS write access if you don't want
to. If you just want to supply an occasional patch now and then and your
paperwork is in order it can just as easily be applied by one of the
regulars after you sent it to the classpath-patches list or added it to
bugzilla. But it is often easier to be able to do it yourself. So don't
hesitate to ask me to add you to the list.

At the irc meeting at the start of this month we discussed whether more
formal rules are needed. Everybody seemed to agree that if the legal
side is correctly handled then we should not impose any extra procedures
unless there is a clear need (people acting in some anti-social way). So
the "rules" (1) are more like gentlemen agreements. We expect people to
play nice, listen to each other and take each others opinion seriously.
This seems to work just fine. And we hope to keep it that way. Please
help out by reviewing patches of new members quickly with some extra
care and love (nitpicking allowed if you do it gently).

Happy Hacking,


(1) Our "rules" are outlined in the GNU Classpath Hacker Guide:
   Everybody should read them and where possible improve them!

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