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Greg Spencer's win32 extensions

From: Zachary Deretsky
Subject: Greg Spencer's win32 extensions
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 19:55:29 -0700

We moved win32 changes which Greg Spencer posted against cons 1.8 to cons
The resulting cons works with the original and

I attach the patch made against 1.126; the latest version today is
1.147, so things change very rapidly.
I made the patch on NT, so it has dos line endings.

Steven, would it be possible to merge these changes into 2.3.0?
I believe Windows users will appreciate the inclusion of these features even
if they are not perfect.

Two comments:

1. Greg's methodology is to compile from the source directory (not from the
linked build directory).
This allows to run compiles and debug from the MS Visual Studio.
If you have Commands which generate .cpp files which then need to be
compiled, then these
intermediate .cpp files need to be copied or moved from the build directory
to the source directory.

2. The patch also includes the change necessary for the long link commands
on NT.
Temporary files for these commands could be created in some other, maybe
more elegant way.

Thanks, Zach.

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