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RE: Greg Spencer's win32 extensions

From: Zachary Deretsky
Subject: RE: Greg Spencer's win32 extensions
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 14:43:38 -0700


the patch which I posted does not change any of the current cons behavior.

There are 3 internal changes to cons:

One new suffix, ':S' is added to the set of supported suffixes.
It allows to specify the absolute path of the file in the source directory
as opposed to the linked build directory.

I added a line in the documentation and I am re-posting the patch.

There is a small change to recognize '!' prefix in pathnames.

All of the win32 methods reside in and
which Greg posted to this list. These modules use '!' prefix to the patnames
similar to '#' in order to generate .dsw and .dsp files and to place them
into the original source tree. MS Visual Studio uses .dsw and .dsp files.
Greg constructs them in such a way that they just call cons. I think this
'feature' should stay undocumented unless other people want to make it

It will be great if and are taken over by
gnu. In the meantime people can take them from the mailing list and keep
using with the patch I am posting.

A temporary file is created for the link command for MS Visual Studio which
fails otherwise, so this is a bug fix.

Thanks, Zach

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