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Re: Fwd: Suggestion about derived files and commands

From: Wayne Scott
Subject: Re: Fwd: Suggestion about derived files and commands
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 06:25:49 -0700

From: Steven Knight <address@hidden>
> I think what you want is the UseCache feature, which already exists.  It
> stores derived files in a directory using the build signature as the
> name.  That way, when you go back and remove the -DLAB_TEST flag, all of
> the previously-built files are already in the cache and just copied in
> to your build tree whenever the signature matches.
> Let me know if I misinterpreted what you're looking for.

The functionality he wanted is provided by the derived object cache
(UseCache described above).

The solution he described looks like the derived object signature
patch that I previously wrote and you are working on an improved

Has anyone written a patch for cons to fetch files from RCS or SCCS if
needed like Gmake can do?

-Wayne  (formally address@hidden)

PS: I am at a new job that is *much* friendlier to open source
    projects if you want to be able to use my patch directly.

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