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Re: Fwd: Suggestion about derived files and commands

From: Dominique Dumont
Subject: Re: Fwd: Suggestion about derived files and commands
Date: 27 Apr 2001 16:24:56 +0200
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Steven Knight <address@hidden> writes:

> I think what you want is the UseCache feature, which already exists.  It
> stores derived files in a directory using the build signature as the
> name.  That way, when you go back and remove the -DLAB_TEST flag, all of
> the previously-built files are already in the cache and just copied in
> to your build tree whenever the signature matches.
> Let me know if I misinterpreted what you're looking for.

Uh, right. The cache provides this feature. This has one major drawback.

As I wrote in my previous message, 2 commands may produce the same
object file. So the same derived file will be stored twice in the
cache directory.

This may be a problem is you are dealing with a big software with
several options. In this case,  the size of the cache may be huge if
you want it to store one object file for each combination of options.

Furthermore, the "memoize like" feature has one other benefit:
If cons recognize that the derived file to be produced is the same as
the current derived file, there not need to follow the dependancies
anymore for this file.

This could save quite some time in some cases.



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