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Re: true path

From: Steven_Shaw
Subject: Re: true path
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 16:42:55 +1000

> However, it seems to me that you're making extra work for yourself.
> What's wrong with listing the directories that store your libraries in
> LIBPATH?  You should then be able to list your libraries using LIBS =>
> '-lsdm -ltux_s' and have Cons do the %SUFLIB expansion for you...

Too right I'm making extra work for myself! I'm now using LIBPATH and LIBS with
the '-l'. Everything is good.

> Oh, wait, this looks like you're on Windows NT, right?  Rajesh just
> hit upon the fact that the -llib idiom doesn't work as you'd expect
> there.  There's an undocumented hack for NT that Jochen Schwarze added
> a long time ago; if you use the construction variable %_LIBS (note the
> underscore) in your LINKCOM command, you can use -llib and have it
> expand properly.

I'm on AIX at the moment but will be eventually porting to Solaris, HP-UX, Linux
 and NT.



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