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RE: Install method

From: Perochon Sebastien
Subject: RE: Install method
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:34:19 +0100

> Have you tried using the Library method instead of "Module"?

The Library method is using "ar" and "ranlib" to create the library file.
The makefile I'm trying to convert in Cons was just using "ld" to create the
'.a' file.
Since I don't know (yet ;-)) the differences between those binaries, I
didn't use the Library method.
Anyway, I'll see if using 'ar' and 'ranlib' rather than 'ld' is annoying or
not later.
So considering that I'm now using only the Library method (following your
advices), I'm facing a new problem:

Install $env 'c:/', 'mylib.a';

This doesn't work (=doesn't copy) the 'mylib.a' file to the destination
directory if that directory is not in the tree starting from the value of
For example:

If the value of '#' is 'c:\rep1\rep2' then it doesn't work if I specified
for example 'c:\rep3' as destination directory. But it is working if I just
specified 'librep'.

It will copy my file in 'c:\rep1\rep2\librep'.

Is there a solution ? (I'm using the last version of cons).

Anyway, thanks for your support !

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De: H. S. Teoh [mailto:address@hidden
Date: lundi 24 février 2003 14:35
À: 'address@hidden'
Objet: Re: Install method

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 02:24:31PM +0100, Perochon Sebastien wrote:
>     Hello everybody,
> I'm new in both Cons and Perl.
> I have used Cons successfully to compile some objects files to create a
> static library.
> My problem is that when I use the Install method to copy a library file
> the Install method does not manage the build process of this .a
> It means that the Install is done at the beginning whatever the .a file is
> created or not.
> Here is the code I wrote to create the .a:
> Module $env 'mylib.a', 'mycpp.cpp', "%LD %LDFLAGS %> %<";
> Install $env 'c:/', 'mylib.a';

Have you tried using the Library method instead of "Module"? As in:

Library $env 'mylib.a', 'mycpp.cpp';
Install $env 'c:/', 'mylib.a';


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