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Interpolating construction variables in compiler flags

From: H. S. Teoh
Subject: Interpolating construction variables in compiler flags
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:47:59 -0500
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Hi, I've run into this little rut with Cons: I'm trying to define a C
preprocessor macro with -D, whose value is a pathname defined in the
Construct file. The problem is, setting the path in the Construct file to
"#data" and adding "-DDATADIR=$DATADIR" to $CFLAGS doesn't work, because
it's not interpolated (cons tries to run g++ with "-DDATADIR=#data"
without expanding the path).

How do I make Cons interpolate the path before adding it to CFLAGS?
Or perhaps a better question is, what's the right way to accomplish what I



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