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[cplay-dev] Revival for real, seeking previous work

From: Tomi Pieviläinen
Subject: [cplay-dev] Revival for real, seeking previous work
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 19:04:47 +0200
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Reading through the list I see that the revival hasn't gone far
previously. Nevertheless, I'm going to try again, just for my sake.

My battle plan has several prongs. Firstly I tracked down the current
website. The previous host www.tf.hut.fi was the website of Teknolog
Föreningen in Helsinki University of Technology. Since then they have
moved to their own domain and their user websites have transferred to
a subdomain under that (findable with google). The website is
http://mask.teknologforeningen.fi/~flu/hacks/cplay/, but of course
this does not give any more info than could be found with archive.org.

I have also mailed Ulf and asked for permission to adopt the project.
If he doesn't answer next week, I'll call him (living in the same
country tracking him down shouldn't be too hard, google finds his
linkedin page that lists his current employer).

With his assistance I can regain control of the mailing list, though
it works fine as it is. I can also ask for some missing files (more on
that below) and for any plans and notes he might have had for the
future. I should be able also to change the upstream for Debian
packages (goal number one).

Another parallel task is to find out all the work that has been done
on cplay since Ulf stopped releasing. This is the main reason I'm
posting here. I can find three projects on github, two of them based
on the first done by Tom Adam's (holizz). I've figured out his dplay
project was superseded by the cplay project, but I'll also send him a
message via github in case he isn't following this list anymore.

His revision history work is also exemplary. I was already working on
integrating the prereleases of 1.50 when I noticed that he had a more
current repository to the dplay one, so I will be basing any future
effort on his work too. Unfortunately the prereleases folder on Ulf's
website included only changes to the cplay file, nothing on README,
lircrc or translations. For this reason I'll also try tracking Ulf
down and incorporating the updates mentioned in the changelog.

Has anyone else done any work on cplay?

After getting all the work that has already been done in one place,
I'll look at the bug trackers on Debian and Ubuntu (anyone aware of
bugs of cplay listed in some other place?) and prioritize them with
the bugs/enhancements I have found. After picking the low hanging
fruits of those, I'll try to get all the work into Debian as release
1.50, so that even if this effort dies in the long run, there will be
a stable place where the updated version will be for every cplay user
(goal number 2).

tl;dr: Have you worked on cplay? Tell me and I'll get the work
included in version 1.50 and get it packaged for Debian/Ubuntu.

Tomi Pieviläinen, +358 400 487 504
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