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Re: [cplay-dev] Revival for real, seeking previous work

From: Tom Adams
Subject: Re: [cplay-dev] Revival for real, seeking previous work
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:06:31 -0500

I haven't used cplay for a year or two now, so I have no new code to contribute.

As for future work - I think there was some mplayer support in my
github repository, it would support a lot more formats and it can play
things directly from the URL.

In fact, I just remembered a really cool thing I did with cplay:
- I'd set up an HTTP server on another computer with my music on it
- then I'd use lynx to browse to a song and press a button configured
to run "cnq [url]" (included in my cplay repo)
- then the song's URL would be enqueued in cplay locally

That made me happy, because save using NFS or samba shares I couldn't
find any software that would let me play music remotely like that.

> I have also mailed Ulf and asked for permission to adopt the project.
> If he doesn't answer next week, I'll call him (living in the same
> country tracking him down shouldn't be too hard, google finds his
> linkedin page that lists his current employer).

I emailed Ulf some time ago to reconstruct cplay's history. I don't
know if you noticed this on my github, but the tarballs he sent me of
the CVS tree and releases are here:

> Another parallel task is to find out all the work that has been done
> on cplay since Ulf stopped releasing. This is the main reason I'm
> posting here. I can find three projects on github, two of them based
> on the first done by Tom Adam's (holizz). I've figured out his dplay
> project was superseded by the cplay project, but I'll also send him a
> message via github in case he isn't following this list anymore.

dplay was just because I had so many patches to cplay I needed to put
it in a git repo for sanity. Then the cplay repository was an attempt
to get as much history as possible into git, followed by some of the
changes I had made in dplay.

> His revision history work is also exemplary.

Thank you. I put a lot of effort into that.

Well, I'm glad cplay might finally get a 1.50 release a mere 5 years
after pre7. I may or may not contribute to this latest reboot, but
I'll follow your progress.

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