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[crust-commit] contact!

From: address@hidden
Subject: [crust-commit] contact!
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 05:13:38 +0800

Business opportunity !

We offer you e-mail addresses databases for advertisement mailing; we sell 
databases also carry out mailing and hosting for the advertising projects. 

These are all 100% opt-in email addresses, meaning that the subscribers have 
requested to receive info on subjects they are interested in. 
This is not junk mail. Our opt-in email lists are 100% permission-based and 
100% legal to use.
All emails are verified and fresh.

Products 1

World Email Lists .  Their validity and originality are verified.  Details and 
Websie please email us: address@hidden  We will give you our website and sample 
at once.

Country or area total emails and price

America     175 Million Email Address    $220 US 
Europe      156 Million Email Address    $280 US 
Asia        168 Million Email Address    $150 US 
China(PRC)  80  Million Email Address     $150 US 
HongKong    3.25 Million Email Address   $200 US 
TaiWan      2.25 Million Email Address   $200 US
Japan       27 Million Email Address     $200 US 
Australia   6  Million Email Address      $180 US 
Canda       10 Million Email Address     $150 US 
Russia      38 Million Email Address     $120 US 
England     3.2 Million Email Address    $200 US 
German      20 Million Email Address     $200 US 
France      38 Million Email Address     $180 US 
India       12 Million Email Address     $180 US 
CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICAN AREA         40 Million Email Address $220 US 
MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA                  45 million Email Address $220 US 
SOUTH EAST AREA                       32 million Email Address $220 US 

other Country or Area  ………………
order email : address@hidden

Category Name total emails total price 180 U.S

Apparel, Fashion, Textiles and Leather     4,654,565
Automobile & Transportation                6,547,845 
Business Services                          6,366,344 
Chemicals                                  3,445,565 
Computer & Telecommunications              654,655 
Construction & Real Estate                 3,443,544 
Consumer Electronics                       1,333,443 
Energy, Minerals & Metals                  6,765,683 
Environment                                656,533              All Email: 180 
Food & Agriculture                         1,235,354 
Gems & Jewellery                           565,438 
Health & Beauty                            804,654 
Home Supplies                              323,232 
Industrial Supplies                        415,668 
Office Supplies                            1,559,892 
Packaging & Paper                          5,675,648 
Printing & Publishing                      6,563,445 
Security & Protection                      5,653,494 
Sports & Entertainment                     3,488,455 
Toys, Gifts and Handicrafts                2,135,654 

・All 136 nations , 40 trades email lists total price   $500 US  

<Email Sender Express>  $100 US 
<Add URL Express> V4.03 $200 US 
<E-Trade Express> V3.0  $200 US   
<Jetad-Pro2003>         $100 US  

・All of Country email lists + email sender express +add url express + etrae 

Send Your Ad to Millions 
10  million bulk emailonly for  $100
50  million bulk email only for $200
100 million bulk email only for $300
200 million bulk email only for $500 

Imagine emailing 500,000 recipients and 1 out of every 1000 orders your 
product, that's 500 new orders!
* We go all-out to make sure our customers are completely satisfied 
* If any emails fail to make delivery, we replace them free of charge
* 100% Spam free, rest assured you will not be accused of spamming
* Almost all of our emails are sent to valid email addresses
* No software required, we do all the mailing from our own server
* Don't be fooled in signing up with similar sites offering services that 
cannot compare to ours
* Get the most bang for your buck with bulk email advantage!


Products 2

Web hosting
We offer web hosting service. 
price : 
100MB/1 year  $100US     2 years $150US
200MB/1 year  $120US     2 years $180US
1GB/1 year    $180US     2 years $220US
2GB/1 year    $220US     2 years $280US

Details and Websie please email us: address@hidden 
We will give you our website and sample at once.

Thank you!

the email company

copyright・2004-2005 all reserved

You are receiving this because you or someone you know has signed your address 
to receive
communication from us.Remove please email: address@hidden    Thank you

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