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[Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/README [cvs1-11-x-branch]

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/README [cvs1-11-x-branch]
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 08:23:34 -0400

Index: ccvs/windows-NT/README
diff -u ccvs/windows-NT/README: ccvs/windows-NT/README:
--- ccvs/windows-NT/README:     Wed Jul 30 18:39:58 2003
+++ ccvs/windows-NT/README      Thu Sep  1 12:23:33 2005
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
 rarely clear to me whether a particular submission will improve things
 or not.
-Send bug reports to address@hidden
+Send bug reports to address@hidden
 As of May 1996, this port passed all of the tests in src/,
 save the one that deals with reserved all-upper-case tags (BASE and

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