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[Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/SCC/README.txt [cvs1-11-x-branch]

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/SCC/README.txt [cvs1-11-x-branch]
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 08:23:22 -0400

Index: ccvs/windows-NT/SCC/README.txt
diff -u /dev/null ccvs/windows-NT/SCC/README.txt:
--- /dev/null   Thu Sep  1 12:23:22 2005
+++ ccvs/windows-NT/SCC/README.txt      Thu Sep  1 12:23:21 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,116 @@
+This is an experimental attempt to interface to the SCC API.
+Note that this code doesn't (yet) do anything useful; this file
+is currently for people who want to hack on the SCC interface,
+not people who want a plug-in integration between any particular pair
+of packages.
+To install the test DLL, build scc.dll and then add the following
+to the registry using the registry editor:
+key/value                what to put there
+    CVS
+      CVS
+        SCCServerName    Concurrent Versions System
+        SCCServerPath    <full pathname of scc.dll>
+    SourceCodeControlProvider
+      ProviderRegKey     "SOFTWARE\CVS\CVS"
+      InstalledSCCProviders
+        Concurrent Versions System   "SOFTWARE\CVS\CVS"
+Note that ProviderRegKey is the default source control
+system, and InstalledSCCProviders list _all_ installed
+source control systems.  A development environment is allowed
+to use either or both, so you should set both of them.
+Note also that we are using "CVS" as the supplier of CVS.
+CVS is not owned by any one company, so CVS seems like the
+most appropriate string to put there.
+If you do this right, then "Source Control" should appear
+under the "Tools" menu (for Visual C++ 4.x; the details of course may
+vary for other development environments).
+Well, I haven't yet figured out _all_ the different ways
+that projects work at the SCC level.  But here is what I
+have done which has worked.  SPECIAL NOTE: many paths are
+hardcoded in scc.c, so you will need to fix that or put
+things the same place I did.  As you try the following you
+will want to follow along in d:\debug.scc.
+* Create a dummy project in d:\sccwork.
+* On the Tools/Source Control menu, select "Share from CVS..."
+* This will cause SccAddFromScc to be called, which will
+  claim there are two files, foo.c and bar.c, which should
+  appear as source controlled (grey) files in the file
+  listing.
+* Now select one of the files and pick "Get Latest Version..."
+  from Tools/Source Control.  You'll get a cheezy dialog (we
+  need to see why it is cheezy--by that I mean the size and
+  placement are funny), and if you say OK, then SccGet will
+  get called (which doesn't currently do anything).
+I'm not sure whether we'll want to try to make this a comprehensive
+list, but at least for the moment it seems worthwhile to list a few of
+the programs which implement the Integrated Development Environment
+(IDE) side of the SCC.  Some of this information is based on rumor or,
+worse yet, usenet posting, so it probably should be verified before
+relying on it.
+* Microsoft Developer Studio 4.x Professional (not Standard, not 2.x).
+* Microsoft Access V7.0
+* Powersoft's Optima++, PowerJ, and Power++
+  (not sure which versions, but this information was added in 1997 if
+   that helps.  Someone on usenet reports 32 bit Powerbuilder version
+   5.03 but not version 4, version 5.0, or 16 bit Powerbuilder.).
+* Premia's CodeWright editor 
+  (versions 5.00b and 5.00c; not sure about older versions).
+* HAHTsite (not sure what versions).
+The only publicly available document which we are aware of is pubscc.h
+in this directory.  This should be sufficient to get a start at
+playing around with the SCC, and if you have done that and then
+proceed to run into those areas which pubscc.h does not document well,
+you are encouraged to send mail to address@hidden with your
+There are other interfaces which interface between a development
+environment (or other front-end) and a source control system.  That
+is, in general terms they provide somewhat the function of the SCC,
+although they may be at a somewhat different level and systems may
+support/use several interfaces rather than it being an either/or thing.
+If you know of other interfaces which should be added here I guess the
+best place to make suggestions is address@hidden (although
+the following list is not intended to be particularly CVS-centric).
+* The CVS remote protocol is documented in doc/cvsclient.texi in the
+CVS distribution and has at least 2 implementations of the client
+(jCVS and CVS command line client), in addition to having been
+implemented at least once by a special-purpose perl script.
+* Microsoft's OLE Automation interface.  The spec is available for
+download at  I'm not sure whether this
+has been implemented by other source control systems.  Metrowerks
+implements this via a module which speaks the Metrowerks API out one
+end and the OLE Automation interface out the other (the module runs on
+Windows, not Mac).
+* Symantec's Visual Cafe interface.
+* Metrowerks publishes and implements the CodeWarrior IDE Version
+Control System API.  I think maybe the way to get a copy of the spec
+is as part of CodeWarrior but I'm not completely clear on that.
+For (some) more details on these interfaces, and others, see

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