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[Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/src/rcs.c

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/src/rcs.c
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 17:40:15 -0400

Index: ccvs/src/rcs.c
diff -u ccvs/src/rcs.c:1.350 ccvs/src/rcs.c:1.351
--- ccvs/src/rcs.c:1.350        Tue Sep  6 18:07:54 2005
+++ ccvs/src/rcs.c      Tue Sep  6 21:40:14 2005
@@ -8078,7 +8078,7 @@
        if the trunk has a huge number of revisions and the program
        stack is not big, a stack overflow could occur, so this
        nonrecursive version was developed to be more safe. */
-    Node *k, *branchlist, *onebranch;
+    Node *branchlist, *onebranch;
     List *branches;
     List *onebranchlist;

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