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[Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/src/edit.c

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/src/edit.c
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:31:50 -0400

Index: ccvs/src/edit.c
diff -u ccvs/src/edit.c:1.86 ccvs/src/edit.c:1.87
--- ccvs/src/edit.c:1.86        Thu Aug  4 01:04:32 2005
+++ ccvs/src/edit.c     Thu Sep 15 01:31:44 2005
@@ -437,13 +437,13 @@
 static const char *const edit_usage[] =
-    "Usage: %s %s [-cflR] [files...]\n",
-    "-c: Check that working files are unedited\n",
-    "-f: Force edit if working files are edited (default)\n",
+    "Usage: %s %s [-lRcf] [-a <action>]... [<file>]...\n",
     "-l: Local directory only, not recursive\n",
     "-R: Process directories recursively\n",
-    "-a: Specify what actions for temporary watch, one of\n",
-    "    edit,unedit,commit,all,none\n",
+    "-a: Specify action to register for temporary watch, one of\n",
+    "    `edit', `unedit', `commit', `all', `none' (defaults to `all')\n",
+    "-c: Check for <file>s edited by others and abort if found\n",
+    "-f: Allow edit if <file>s are edited by others (default)\n",
     "(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)\n",

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