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[Cvs-cvs] ccvs/src ChangeLog classify.c client.c commit.c... [cvs1-11-x-

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] ccvs/src ChangeLog classify.c client.c commit.c... [cvs1-11-x-branch]
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 14:13:43 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/cvs
Module name:    ccvs
Branch:         cvs1-11-x-branch
Changes by:     Derek Robert Price <address@hidden>     05/09/22 18:13:29

Modified files:
        src            : ChangeLog classify.c client.c commit.c cvs.h 
                         filesubr.c rcs.c server.c status.c 
                         subr.c update.c vers_ts.c 

Log message:
        * classify.c (Classify_File): If a file had a conflict and the
        timestamp hasn't changed, it still has a conflict.  Add comment about
        how T_MODIFIED could later turn out to have conflict markers and why
        it should not be checked in this function.
        * client.c (send_fileproc): Don't send contents for files known to have
        conflicts unless this is for `cvs diff'.
        * commit.c (check_fileproc): T_CONFLICT should be handled like
        T_MODIFIED, since force could be requested.  Simplify logic since
        T_CONFLICT can now be trusted.
        * cvs.h (file_has_conflict): Remove proto.
        * rcs.c (RCS_Checkout): Comment noexec behavior in header block.
        * server.c (serve_unchanged, serve_is_modified): Handle conflicts.
        * status.c (status_fileproc): Trust T_CONFLICT to simplify.
        * subr.c (file_has_conflict): Removed.
        * update.c (update_fileproc): Trust T_CONFLICT.
        (RegisterMerge): New function factored from...
        (merge_file, join_file): ...these two functions.
        * vers_ts.c (time_stamp_server): Handle = conflict timestamps in server
        * (files-12): Account for slight behavior improvement.
        (status, conflicts, mwrap): Account for corrected behavior.
        (join-readonly-conflict-10): Correct comment.
        (binfiles-con1b): New test for correct behavior.


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