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[Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/config.h

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Cvs-cvs] Changes to ccvs/windows-NT/config.h
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 11:56:27 -0400

Index: ccvs/windows-NT/config.h
diff -u ccvs/windows-NT/config.h:1.168 ccvs/windows-NT/config.h:1.169
--- ccvs/windows-NT/config.h:1.168      Mon Sep 26 20:25:18 2005
+++ ccvs/windows-NT/config.h    Mon Oct  3 15:56:15 2005
@@ -893,7 +893,7 @@
 /* Define to the full name and version of this package. */
-#define PACKAGE_STRING "Concurrent Versions System (CVS)"
+#define PACKAGE_STRING "Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.13"
 /* Define to the one symbol short name of this package. */

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