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[DejaGnu] Where to get the latest dejagnu?

From: Carlo Wood
Subject: [DejaGnu] Where to get the latest dejagnu?
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 04:36:49 +0200
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People tell me that the LATEST dejagnu is part of "binutils+gdb".
If it is then I must say that it is extremely well hidden :/.
Starting on any gnu ftp site or the gnu website, I find
a seperate project dejagnu with version 1.4.1 (of which someone
on the gcc list told me it was too old).  So what is the story

I just upgraded (downgraded?) from some year 2000 snapshot that
is STILL the latest tar on,
another confusing ftp existance, to 1.4.1 and get the error, while
running my testsuite:

Running ../../../../libcw/src/libcwd/testsuite/libcwd.tst/test.exp ...
ERROR: tcl error sourcing 
ERROR: wrong # args: should be "regsub ?switches? exp string subSpec varName"
    while executing
"regsub -all ".*: warning: -f(pic|PIC) ignored for target .*" $text """
    (procedure "prune_warnings" line 148)
    invoked from within
"prune_warnings [lindex $status 1"
    (procedure "default_target_compile" line 309)
    invoked from within
"default_target_compile $source $destfile $type $options"
    (procedure "target_compile" line 6)
    invoked from within
"target_compile $srcfile "$executable" executable $args"
    (procedure "test_libcwd" line 60)

What is the problem here?  That is *inside* dejagnu isn't it?  I am
totally lost to what I have to upgrade too to fix this :/.

Please help, (please CC me, I am not subbed to this list).

Carlo Wood <address@hidden>

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