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[DejaGnu] using dejagnu testsuites

From: Arati D
Subject: [DejaGnu] using dejagnu testsuites
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 09:30:49 +0530

thanks for the prompt reply.
I went through the manual but I am afraid I am going to need some further

1. What is the location of the global config file 'site.exp' ?
your manual says it is present "in each configuration-specific subdirectory
of the DejaGnu library directory"  Is that the source or build directory ?

2. I do not have any site.exp which matches  the one you have described in
your manual as global config file.
does that mean my 'configure' was not successful ?

3. Is the following error also because of global config file ?
   WARNING: Couldn't find the tool init file

Thanks in advance .

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