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[DejaGnu] Configuration troubles

From: Andrew Stubbs
Subject: [DejaGnu] Configuration troubles
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:01:17 +0100 (BST)


I currently have two SH4 cross compilers that I want to test.

One for linux, with target sh-linux-gnu, which will require a telnet
connection to test the executables, and one for bare board, with target
sh-hitachi-elf, which will require 'st40run -t <target>' (our target
communication utility) pasted onto the beginning of each execute command.

I have downloaded and installed dejagnu 1.4.1 and I can run the tests
using 'make -k check' successfully as a native test (although obviously
the execution tests fail).

Neither of my boards appear to be supported by the baseboards files. I
would have thought that a generic linux target configuration would be
suitable for the first case (I suppose I would have to set username,
password, and perhaps prompt to make it work), but there doesn't seem to
be any such thing.

>From the (rather difficult to read and incomplete) manual and previous
mailings to this list I have got the impression that I will need to create
a global site.exp (using the DEJAGNU system variable) which tests for the
two possible target triplets and sets up the variables something along the
lines of, and
perhaps also some sort board.exp file in each case (although the message
above suggests not).

However, I cannot find any definitive instructions on how to achieve
this, and all my attempts to adjust what examples I have found/been given
have failed dismally. So far I have not even been able to convince it to
use anything other than 'unix' by setting up target_info, and setting
target_list requires a baseboards file which I can't get right either.

Please could somebody explain how to a) change the command used by the
testsuite to execute tests, and b) set it up so that it compiles the tests
locally as normal but executes them on another linux machine via an
ftp/telnet connection given an IP address, username, password and whatever
else it needs to parse the telnet responses. As far as I know I do not
require any sort of GDB stuff.


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