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unit testing integration problems

From: Joseph Ekstrom
Subject: unit testing integration problems
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 09:59:05 -0700
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I am using the C-API stuff to do unit testing on a project.  The API's are a 
no brainer, and work great, however, when I run test executables using the 
host_execute function located in lib/dejagnu.exp, the output is not parsed 
correctly resulting in the FAILED messages getting ignored, and not showing 
up in the summary of the test results, but if I go back through the logs, 
they are there.

If I then modify the code so that the FAILED message is expected before the 
PASSED message, then it is reversed, and most of the passed messages are 
ignored, and the FAILED messages are parsed and put in the summary. 

So I'm left wondering if anyone else has run into similar problems, or do most 
people write their own functions to parse the output, and pass/fail test 
cases manually.


PS I modified the dejagnu.h so that the pass, fail, etc. funtions behave like 
a normal printf, accepting multiple arguments, if anyone else is interested.

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