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Re: Documentation questions

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Documentation questions
Date: 04 Sep 2002 11:17:13 -0600
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Rob>   I should check your DejaGnu bug reports...

I looked this morning.  There are 2 in the Red Hat bugzilla.  One has
to do with the lack of documentation.  The other is about a binutils
check failure that seems to be a dejagnu version mismatch or something
like that; anyway it didn't look like an actual dejagnu bug (I only
looked at it for a few seconds though).

>> Bummer.  I really prefer info.  It's hard to beat the convenience if
>> you're already an Emacs user.

Rob> I'm an emacs user, but to be honest, I prefer HTML to info
Rob> files. When it comes to format, I don't find writing SGML any
Rob> weirder than texinfo.

I meant for reading, not writing.  For writing I prefer texinfo, but
only because I know it better.  For reading I like info because Emacs
has nice search and navigation capabilities built in.  Reading HTML
still isn't as convenient.


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