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From: bemis
Subject: autobuilds
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:11:50 -0400

We have an auto build system that performs builds everyday on toolchain packages
with various baselines.  Every now end then we build DejaGnu.  If we sent 1 
once a week to report the results of the dejagnu build would anyone on this list
find it useful?  I dont want to be associated with "   spam : (    "
The email will contain the following information if people think it useful:
cvs snapshot
urls to the configure/build/make/check .log files off an ftp server
url to statistics( generated by dejagnus xml output ) for make check
and a link describing the autobuild system

We build on alpha, and intel with a variety of baselines.
If there could be any more important information included please let us know.

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