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Re: dejagnu next release

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: dejagnu next release
Date: 13 Dec 2002 17:03:41 +1100
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>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Savoye <address@hidden> writes:

  Rob>   You might want to grep for PRMS in the gcc/gdb testsuites and
  Rob>   see if it's Rob> still being used. That used to be for GNATS
  Rob>   (also called prms), which was Rob> Cygnus's bug tracking
  Rob>   system. These days RedHat is using bugzilla, so I Rob> don't
  Rob>   know if this is an issue. But the default should be 0.

There are plenty of free software projects still using both DejaGnu
and GNATS.


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