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hello dejagnu

From: Venkanna Belde
Subject: hello dejagnu
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:44:30 +0700

Hi I am new to gnu specifically.I need some information regarding gnu DejaGnu 
which is a testing tool which is taking help from Expect,TCL.I need small 
information regrading DejaGnu installation.I saw RPMS on the net for 
DejaGnu.Can I use that RPMS for installations I think inorder to install  
DejaGnu I need to install Expect as wel as TCL.All that kit is available on 
the net as a rpm set.Where can I get DejaGnu tutorial for beginners.I need 
small examples to illustrate that tool effectively.I installed DejaGnu and 
Expect on my i686-Linux7.2.4-10.Available RPMS are i386 type.I will send that 
Tell me the best way to use that software.I would like to see some small test 
cases for small programmes.
Any sort of reply is welcome.
Inadvance thanking you.

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