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Re: Help neded

From: bemis
Subject: Re: Help neded
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 06:46:30 -0500
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There are test cases available in the example directory.  I learn how to use
them from the calc example.  export the root path of dejagnu(runtest) in your
path so that runtest is in your path or make install after make.
cd to deajgnu-1.4.4/example/calc

make check will run it.
the test cases can be added removed/broken even in the testsuite directory.

I hope this helps.
Matt Bemis

Quoting belde  venkanna <address@hidden>:

> I would like to run a test case using dejagnu.I want to test one c
> programme using GCC tool.I installed dejagnu on my system.Still I
> am not getting how to run atest case.I need some examples and
> expected output for a simple programmes like hello world using GCC
> tool.
> Thanks and regards
> Venki.
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