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Re: Regarding tests in Deja

From: bemis
Subject: Re: Regarding tests in Deja
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 06:31:08 -0500
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1.4.3 is stable on 7.2 RedHat
runtest needs to be in your path.  The calc program has errors built into it on
purpose to show that there are some FAIL cases.
Your example testsuite should be added to calc.exp in the testsuite directory in
the calc.test directory.

to get runtest in your path:
export the PATH vairable again with the path of the stable version of dejagnu 
in it.


Quoting vijay dasa <address@hidden>:

> I run calc example in Deja,It is giving some times
> errors when multiply is used.I run that example so I
> find out that there is an error in the
> programme.Without running that programme Can I check
> whether that programme gas errors??
>           How Deja will be useful if I am putting one
> example in the runtest,in what way it will find out
> failures in that programme.
>            Why always runtest command is not
> working???
> If possible please tell me what is the stable version
> of Deja for Linux 7.2
> Inadvance thanking you.
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