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Re: Run itcl under dejagnu

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: Run itcl under dejagnu
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 12:37:10 -0600
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On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 11:26:54AM -0700, TJ Li wrote:
> Can I run Incr Tcl scripts under dejagnu framework? I tried, it did not work
> and could not recognize class? Can someone let me know how to make it work?

  Dejagnu uses the Expect extensions, and so it doesn't currently support
iTcl. It is possible to do so, but you have to build an "iExpect" executable
if I remember right. I have though of making DejaGnu support iTcl, cause I 
like the idea of having a bit of object orientedness. It's still a project
on the TODO list though.

        - rob -

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