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Re: Master sources?

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: Re: Master sources?
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 17:42:17 -0700
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Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
Who uses the repository at, and why?

Everyone who tests combined trees from sources.

Oh, so that's the tree used by the gcc developers? does seem to have gcc, glibc, and 

I am in the process of writing a script to build gcc/glibc toolchains
from source and run their regression tests.
Originally I had thought I could use the most recent release of dejagnu,
but recent messages on this list convinced me I'd at least need to
include a few patches.  Now I'm not sure which cvs repository to pull
patches from.

Which cvs repository is authoritative for gcc / glibc / dejagnu?
And which cvs repository should I pull them from if I want to test them 
I would have thought the answers to those two questions would be the same,
but perhaps they aren't?


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