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Truncated compiler output in remote.exp's local_exec

From: Dan Kegel
Subject: Truncated compiler output in remote.exp's local_exec
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 13:14:06 -0700

Remember ?  It's baaack!

In that message, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> Any chance you could investigate the intermittent problems some people see
> with spurious failures in gcc.dg/format apparently associated with
> truncation of output?  For example, with tcl 8.3.2, expect 5.32.1 and
> dejagnu 1.4, I saw a bogus failure on gcc.dg/format/c90-scanf-1.c, with
> the log file showing
> /home/jsm28/src/gcc-3cvs/gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/format/c90-scanf-1.c:117:
warning: spurious trailing `%' in formoutput is:
> (i.e., truncated in the middle of a line of output, near the end of the
> compiler's diagnostic output, after "form" which should be part of the
> word "format").

I'm seeing the same thing today.  I can reproduce it with the command

DEJAGNU=$TOP/boards/master.exp runtest --tool=gcc --target=$TARGET -v -v -v
-a dg.exp=typespec-1.c

(Problem also happens without the -v's.)

Immediately following the truncated output (which ends without a newline),
without an intervening newline, I see "waitres is 10409 exp6 0 1"
This is printed in remote.exp's local_exec. 

The problem inexplicably goes away if I insert a 'verbose' statement 
(see following patch), but only if I run with -v -v -v or higher; 
without three -v's, the truncation still happens.

(Incidentally, that limit of 512000 will probably cause real problems soon,
as this test legitimately outputs around 300KB of text, but I guess 
that's a different bug lurking.  
We ought to up that limit to a megabyte to be a bit safer, or
put in an explicit abort if we overrun that size instead of silently

--- dejagnu-1.4.3/lib/remote.exp.old    Sat Jul 19 13:04:33 2003
+++ dejagnu-1.4.3/lib/remote.exp        Sat Jul 19 13:04:45 2003
@@ -160,6 +160,7 @@
     # exit.
     expect {
        -i $spawn_id -timeout $timeout -re ".+" {
+           verbose "kludge: if running with runtest -v -v -v, this
statement inexplicably rescues output that otherwise gets truncated";
            append output $expect_out(buffer);
            if { [string length $output] < 512000 } {
                exp_continue -continue_timer;

Perhaps someone who knows the code better than me can dig into this?

Expect version is       5.32.2
Tcl version is          8.3
Framework version is    1.4.3

OS is Debian 3.0.


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