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Testsuite for Cross Toolchain

From: Michael LeBlanc
Subject: Testsuite for Cross Toolchain
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:49:35 -0400
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I'm new to this list after spending most of the day poking
around archives, FAQs and other dusty corners of the internet.
I'm desperately looking for a simple explanation of how to
perform what I thought was a simple task.

I have succesfully built the GNU Toolchain, with GCC 3.3, on
an x86 box running Redhat 9, targetting PowerPC also running
a version of Linux.  It works!  I can build a program on the
x86 box and run it on the PPC box.  Now I want to run the GCC
testsuite.  That's all.

I fetched recent source for Dejagnu, Expect, and Tcl/Tk, built
everything and am hopelessly lost in a mountain of complexity.
It's easy to start the suite going, but it immediately announces
that it will run the tests on the local system - and that that's
probably wrong.  But it doesn't suggest what might be right
nor how to achieve it.

Next I followed Rob Savoye's steps in "DejaGnu: The GNU
Testing Framework" and, again, it all worked as advertized.
I tried to apply the steps to the GCC testsuite, but ...
At every "execute" test, it fails trying to run a PPC executable
on x86.  I can't believe I'm the first to try this.

Please advise.  These machines are networked and can communicate
via NFS, ssh, telnet, ftp, etc.  Thanks.


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