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Re: Help with testing GCC 3.2.1 against arm-sim

From: Daniel Jacobowitz
Subject: Re: Help with testing GCC 3.2.1 against arm-sim
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 14:38:30 -0500
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On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 11:40:20PM +1100, Ben Elliston wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> > I get exexute failed with : (A log with more detail follows)
> > -> Simulator arm-linux-run missing.
> You need a simulator in order to run your tests, as you're no doubt
> aware.  You should build a simulator by building GDB for arm-linux.
> The gdb distribution includes as sim/ subdirectory which ultimately
> produces <target>-run.

However, the simulator can not generally run binaries compiled for
arm-linux - unless you go out of your way to use libgloss and newlib.

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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