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Automake overhaul

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Automake overhaul
Date: 07 Feb 2004 00:24:03 +1100
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I have overhauled the build system substantially.  It simplifies the
Makefiles and makes the DejaGnu build tree behave more like other GNU
packages.  I've relied on some more advanced Automake features to do
this.  The result is that the Makefiles are now easier to understand
and the Clean.tcl script is no longer needed.

For files that aren't normally placed in a distribution by Automake's
"dist" target, I have added EXTRA_DIST directives where necessary.
Most of them have been placed into the top-level so that
they can all be maintained in the same place.  Now, "make dist" from a
freshly configured build directory works and produces a tar file that
compares identically with the version 1.4.4 release tar file.

I've simplified the logic for other targets like "all" and "check".
Now, "make all" will recurse into directories that previously it did
not.  We rely on the check_PROGRAMS primary to prevent test cases
needing to be built until "make check" time.  The examples will not be
built or be tested unless the user changes into the example directory
and runs "make all" and/or "make check".

Rob, the "deb" and other package targets should work, but I have been
unable to test them.  Can you please test them and correct anything
that I've overlooked?  Thanks.

Cheers, Ben

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