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Re: echo of spawn command

From: Martin Münstermann
Subject: Re: echo of spawn command
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:51:04 +0100
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Rob Savoye wrote:
in earlier versions of dejagnu and expect there used to be a echo of spawn commands in the dejagnu logfile, e.g.:
spawn myapp --myopts
I believe you'll still see the spawn commands echoed with a few -v verbose
options. Usually you only get this when running expect in debug mode.

Nope, increasing the verbosity does not do the trick.

The missing echo of the spawn is by design (a feature), right?

So as a workaround I put the following lines of code into my default.exp:

# replace spawn so it writes to the dejagnu log
rename spawn Expect_spawn
proc spawn {args} {
    # -noecho is ignored...
    send_log "\nspawn $args\n"
    uplevel Expect_spawn $args

That works for me,

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