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Re: support for serial communication

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: support for serial communication
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 08:31:51 -0600
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On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 02:08:45PM -0400, Daniel Moore wrote:
> I cannot find a forum for dejagnu but my reading indicates that the expect
> version shiped with cygwin is there to support Dejagnu so I thought to send
> my question to the only place I could find to send one.
> I'm trying to communicate over the serial port using expect and am unable
> at present. The "fconfigure" command errors out saying the -mode parameter
> is not supported. So the only expect examples I have of communicating
> serially will not work as they require fconfigure to support communication.
> I found the kermit.exp file in the dejagnu distribution but can find no
> examples of its use. Is there an example of its use in any of the dejagnu
> documentation I can get from cygwin.

  These days you just "open" the serial port and read and write to it. The
support for kermit, tip, and cu is pretty ancient, and mostly left from
10 years ago before you could just open the port. Under Cygwin, it should
work, but being on a WinDoze platform, your mileage may vary... How to do this
in Expect is in that manual.

        - rob -

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