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Re: support for serial communication

From: Kamen Penev
Subject: Re: support for serial communication
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 13:12:36 -0700
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Rob Savoye wrote:

 These days you just "open" the serial port and read and write to it. The
support for kermit, tip, and cu is pretty ancient, and mostly left from
10 years ago before you could just open the port. Under Cygwin, it should
work, but being on a WinDoze platform, your mileage may vary... How to do this
in Expect is in that manual.

Funny, "fconfigure -mode" works in tclsh 8.4, but not in expect, which also claims tclversion 8.4. My expect and tclsh are the standard ones distributed with cygwin.


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