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How to pass options and run testsuit with multiple options

From: Nitin Yewale
Subject: How to pass options and run testsuit with multiple options
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 18:33:37 +0530


        I would like to execute a specific dejagnu test case with multiple 
options. Like {target options->optimization options}

        To do so I have done following things.
        1. Set Dejagnu path to global config file.
        Global Config file contents are
        load_lib "framework.exp"
        # Determine target machines for all known targets
        verbose "Global Config File: target_triplet is $target_triplet" 2
        global target_list
        case "$target_triplet" in {
            { "h8300-*-*" } 
                set target_list { "h8300-sim{-ms -mn,-mno-h}"        
        2. My toolchain with which i would like to execute my test cases is in 
        3. set CC=h8300-elf-gcc

        When i execute a particular test case with following command line 
        "make check RUNTESTFLAGS='dg.exp=kp*.c'" I am able to execute the same 
with targets specified in global config file.

        I have referred a text on section 
        02.Passing options and running multiple testsuites and tried to execute 
the test case which says i can specify required targets and options in a 
command line.

        I have used following command line but it is not able to generate 
different combinations for the same.  

        make check RUNTESTFLAGS="dg.exp=kp*.c --target_board=h8300-sim{-ms 
        But it does not generates the required combinations like
        h8300-sim/-ms -g -O1
        h8300-sim/-ms -g -O2

        Any help on these lines is appreciated.

Nitin Yewale,
KPIT Cummins InfoSystems Ltd.
Pune, India

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