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tests failing sometimes

From: Baurjan Ismagulov
Subject: tests failing sometimes
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 20:27:32 +0300
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I'm experiencing problems with the gdb testsuite. The following test
failed on my machine 59 times out of 1000:

system "echo \"main(){}\" >a.c"
gdb_compile a.c a executable {debug additional_flags=-w}
send_gdb "file a\n"
gdb_test "l main" {1.main\(\){}.*} "a"

The logs show that gdb executes the file command but doesn't receive the
list command. I've run runtest under strace. It turns out to be that gdb
does read the second command, but by the time it reads it completely, it
receives SIGHUP. The problem seems to be similar to PR gdb/544.

I've put logs (pass.log, fail.log) and traces (pass.txt.gz, fail.txt.gz)
to .

I've tried to find out where the difference in the execution flows
starts; it seems to be after the gdb prompt after the file command (line
8270 in pass.txt and 8942 -- in fail.txt). How could I further analyze
the interaction between the processes? I would appreciate any help.

I'm using dejagnu 1.4.4 under Debian unstable on an i386 host.

To reproduce the problem:

* unpack, configure and build gdb 6.2;

* copy the file to gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/a.exp;

* do "runtest gdb.base/a.exp" under gdb/testsuite.

Thanks in advance,

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