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Re: build improvement

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: build improvement
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 09:11:27 +1000
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>   Tangled tree of Makefiles ? Other than the examples, there are
> very few Makefiles. I've played with the single top level Makefile
> idea before, and it is faster. Whether it's more maintainable or not
> I think is personal opinion. I don't have any motivation to make
> this change myself, but if somebody else did, I probably wouldn't
> gripe when it came time to check it in. Most of the DejaGnu
> Makefiles are pretty simple.

Here's the list:


You're right -- some of them are simple: they just have a SUBDIRS
variable, which makes this even easier to collapse.

>   Just as a question, what other projects ? I haven't downloaded a
> single free software package using this technique, so I'm curious.

libjava.  It's wonderful to watch `make' sit there for 10 seconds
working out what it really needs to do rather than forking off
sub-makes that do nothing.


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