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remote problems using ssh

From: Doug Reiland
Subject: remote problems using ssh
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:57:36 -0500

I am using version 1.4.3 and had a time getting dejagnu to work with ssh. It looks like real problems with rsh.exp, but then everybody would be seeing this.

From googling, it seems that I should be able to use ssh by creating a
boards file with:

set_board_info rsh_prog /usr/bin/ssh
set_board_info rcp_prog /usr/bin/scp
set_board_info shell_prompt "remote:"
set_board_info hostname "some_remote_host"
set_board_info username "some_user"

Also, I set target somewhere to unix

This didn't get me far. It still looked to fire off telnet so I added:

set_board_info protocol rsh

Then I saw ssh being kicked off, but it didn't work. I straced runtest and saw that ssh was not being passed the hostname.

That is when I started to look at rsh.exp. First, the var. hostname in rsh.exp is coming in as unix. I guess this is normal.

First, it looks like rsh.exp is looking to find the remote system name in the boards file by looking for "name". -- Are we supposed to use set_board_info hostname or set_board_info name??

Next, this section of rsh.exp is wiping out hostname.

set hostname [lindex [ split [board_info ${hostname} netport ":"]  0]
    -- I don't use any netport option in my boards file.
    -- I put a check to make sure it exits.

Now, hostname variable is changed to the remote system name, but rsh.exp keeps using it to do board_info lookups for fileid and shell_prompt. This causes shell_prompt to not be found and the whole parsing waiting for shell prompt to time out.

It seems like rsh.exp shouldn't change hostname (better yet call it something else and set hostname to whatever it reads in the board file.

I worked another this for now in rsh.exp. Am I off track? or is rsh.exp really broken??


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